UK Creative Festival

A festival celebrating creativity in Advertising and Marketing with a focus on driving diversity in these sectors
UK Creative Festival
UK Creative Festival + Circle Awards
Multi-format Hybrid large-scale festival
Brands, Agencies, Students & Production Houses
Creative Sector
The UK Creative Festival was conceived to find and persuade young creatives from under-represented socio-economic backgrounds to join the UK's Creative Sector, and educate employers to provide better channels into the creative industries
Create a festival for the industry and attractive to young creatives - Provide a careers fair at the heart of the event - Deliver an inspiring agenda for industry super-stars to tell their stories - Deliver an environment were young creatives can hear from their peers - Host it in a very cool location - Margate Dreamlands - and provide free entry and travel for young and students! - Celebrate the best of UK Adland creativity with an unmissable, in-person awards show
The Festival inspired and educated more than 2000+ individuals at the time of writing, virtually and in-person and the numbers are still growing - 800 people attended and there was a palpable energy throughout the 2 days - 80 speakers were managed, gave their time and benefited from the platform and the networking - 120 16-24 year-olds were educated, met and inspired - OrangeDoor did everything 'at cost' The inaugural Festival was a huge success and set an incredible platform for 2022
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"OrangeDoor absolutely nailed this event for us and we couldn't be happier. Their organisation, creativity and just being lovely people turned what was a very pressured journey into a very positive experience. A heartfelt thank-you to all the team and we look forward to working with you again for next year's event."

- Jeremy Green, CEO, The UK Creative Festival