Plan, create and execute the EMEA Tech Summit 2016, the flagship technical training event for Dell, for 1500 attendees.
Bring together the Dell Enterprise Solutions group with selected representatives from their channel partner community.

Create a full communications and engagement plan inviting delegates to register their interest for this event.
Organise and co-ordinate the execution of the 4 day event including plenary sessions/seminars, food and beverage,
entertainment, creative and multimedia, hotel logistics and much more.


We are proud to be one of Dell’s suppliers of choice and to be seen as a trusted, respected safe pair of hands while maintaining creativity, challenging limits and exceeding expectations. For EMEA Tech Summit 2016, we capitalised on our extensive knowledge of the event from previous years and made even bigger and better. After an intensive 12 month planning process, we delivered an outstanding project culminating in a seamless event for over 1500 attendees.


As an integrated project, all OrangeDoor departments were on hand to collaborate on the execution of this event, producing unforgettable creative experiences, technical production and seamless logistical management.

Here’s just a handful of the highlights from this year’s event that made a splash: