To mark our 16th birthday, coming of age and our ever evolving agency, we rebranded and opened the orange door to new possibilities.

This was never about re-inventing ourselves, but identifying what makes us who we are. We wanted to re-imagine our company by simply drawing out what is already there, not to change but to evolve – as we have done for so many of you.


We went on walkabout - let ourselves play with different names, new fanciful ideas of what the agency could look like, how we might be ingeniously clever, creating new twists and turns on what has gone before.

It was fun. It opened up our minds. And then it was time to come home.

But wonderfully, much like when we’ve been away for a long time exploring, we saw the familiar in a new light, a fresh and new perspective on our return. And what seemed hidden or just the everyday suddenly became our most precious gift.


It all came back to what felt more like us. Something that conjures up a more approachable image, a sense of welcome.

OrangeDoor is who we’ve always been. A unique, inspirational portal to better, a different perspective. We see more in a client’s brief, we look at things in more detail, in a fresh and insightful way that allows us to open up the greatest potential for our clients’ needs.


Amazing. For us it’s more than just a word. Amazing is something we trade in, with our clients, partners and all of us at OrangeDoor.

It’s something we invest in all our clients, helping them to open up the amazing in their brand. By doing this we’re unlocking more than originality, opportunity, creativity and conversations, we’re also opening up the greatest potential in any challenge.


To christen the new brand and to show you all what we are all about, we celebrated our 16th birthday and the rebrand with this Sweet 16 campaign.

We wanted to show you where we came from, the lens through which we look and work and who we have become.