What’s happening:

Event Industry News recently published an interview with 27 Events Experts on the top events technology trends. We thought 29 was a nicer number than 27.



What we think:



Ben Boxall, Events Executive:

“For me events tech is about finding digital solutions to cut down on waste and make an event more environmentally friendly. Technology has already facilitated the move towards paperless events, and moving forwards it’s about seeing where we can further reduce single-use plastic and print. Personalised agendas on an event app are ubiquitous now, using a printed agenda already feels archaic. Similarly if we can use ebadges, that cuts out disposable printed badges, while digital signage replaces the need for printed signs.”

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Alex Dibb, Junior Account Manager:

“We’re always trying to find ways to integrate exciting new tech into events. Despite running VR units at many of our events within the context of product demos, it’s still a fledgling technology in terms of events experiences, but gamification is something we’re asked to integrate a lot and we see having a huge impact on attendee engagement.

“Other things like smart badges and more robust registrations platforms aren’t particularly sexy, but they can make life so much easier behind the scenes and give far more valuable and actionable insight in the build up to, or on the back of, an event. We’re also seeing things like event apps become a lot more advanced and fully featured than they were a few years ago, with far more scope for personalisation, and much more engaging networking features.”