What’s happening:

This past Sunday the New England Patriots faced the Los Angeles Rams in the legendary Super Bowl. Known to sports fans as the crowning achievement of an American football team, it is also recognised as the ultimate advertising battleground, and the stakes are high with 30 seconds of airtime costs millions of dollars.


What we think:



Elena Joukowsky, Marketing Executive:

“As the American representative in the office with a passion for marketing and creativity,  the importance of the ad battle of the Super Bowl is at the forefront of my mind towards the end of every season. My favourite advert this Super Bowl this season was US entertainment streaming service, Hulu’s World Record Egg ad, which focused on highlighting mental health issues.


“Hulu’s partnership with the Word Record Egg and their use of their precious Super Bowl airtime to create an ad in support of mental health showed their dedication to wellbeing in a light-hearted and emotive manner. Hulu was not mentioned in the ad, and there was no indication that there was an association between the ad and Hulu until hours later. The ad was accessible, fun, and uplifting. The egg was shown cracking on stage, stating “Recently I’ve started to crack. The pressure of social media is getting to me,” which is a sentiment that resonates with many people today. The spot culminated with the egg smiling, saying “We got this” and directing viewers to a link with their collated list of mental-health organisations. It won out for me because of its clever egg-related humour and its playful and poignant message.”


Helena Castle, Creative Services Manager:

“Olay’s ‘Killer Skin’ ad won out for me. It was easy to watch and understand, and it starred one of my favourite 90’s actresses- Sarah Michelle Gellar! It was short and sweet, and although the ad is concise, it delivers some excellent horror movie tropes that pay homage to 90s greats like Scream and Scary Movie. The ad even humorously suggests that modern technology can’t keep up with a transformative skincare regime! The ad really did make me want to buy Olay products. Overall it was fun, playful and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s performance was the cherry on top!”