What’s happening:

A new pledge has been made by major players in the events industry to commit to implementing four global principles to encourage sustainability and basic environmental practices in the industry.



What we think:



Ed Stone, Creative Lead:

“As an agency that’s worked with groups like the WWF, we think it’s essential for events to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious. A successful event stays in your memory for a lifetime, but it is unforgivable for it to have a lasting environmental impact.

“An event is a physical manifestation of a brand, and as more brands position themselves as more conscientious, it’s essential their events follow suit. To be authentic in establishing sustainability as a pillar of their brand, they have to then walk the walk when it comes to their events.” 


Lynn Mackeonis, HR Manager:

“Here at OrangeDoor we proactively consider the environment. At pitch stage, clients often request our environmental policy and information on how we contribute to the world of events. Some of the ideas we use internally include the use of skype for meetings to minimise travel, using digital communications, such as the screens in our office to communicate messages to team, and actively looking to reduce the use of plastics at events.

“We have contractual agreements with some of our clients to align with their internal environmental directives and our team undergo regular CPD to ensure we understand how the latest technologies can be used to reduce waste, both internally and at our events.”