What’s happening:

C&IT recently published an article on how ‘procurement and events teams work best when they swap notes’. This rang especially true as OrangeDoor had recently sent our Finance Director and Deputy Managing Director on a fact finding mission to Bratislava to meet with a major client procurement team.



What we think:


Karen Baldock, Deputy Managing Director

“We were able to find out exactly what the procurement team actually want from us and from each of our teams. We learned that it was not just the lowest cost that was important to them but it was the value added as well. They told us what they look for from a supplier and what they actually find useful. For example we produce an annual cost savings document for our clients, highlighting everywhere we’ve saved them money. It was great to hear that this was something that had been really valuable to them and had positioned us well with the business.

“The meeting not only focused on what we could do better but they also wanted to learn what they could do better, and wanted to collaboratively discuss some of their issues, particularly around mitigating the risk and cost of attendee drop out, and what they can do in terms of preferred supplier programs to give us more buying power to negotiate better rates and deliver greater savings.”



Caroline Davison, Finance Director

“Making the effort to visit our client’s procurement team is something that is really appreciated. It showed we were genuinely interested in their company success beyond just producing successful events and campaigns for them.

“Procurement as a team hold the key to the whole company. When working with multiple stakeholders across smaller business units, it is sometimes difficult to get noticed outside of our main network. Communicating our successes with the procurement team broadens our reach immeasurably, unlocking opportunities with teams we may never have had a chance with previously.”