What’s happening:

Today is International Women’s Day 2019. This year’s campaign theme of #BalanceforBetter is a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world.

As a women-owned business, a member of WeConnect, the UK chapter lead for DWEN, and a business that, until recently, was predominantly female, we invited some of the  OrangeDoor team to open up on how women have shaped our thriving business.


What we think:


Abbie, Event Manager

“Working at OrangeDoor, it’s motivational to see that your MD who owns the company is a woman. Until recently, the entire SMT was all women too, and that was always aspirational for me, seeing that there are no barriers for women to get to the top tier of the business here is great.

“When I started there were 20 of us and maybe 3  were men. It has changed a lot as the business has grown, we’re a lot closer to 50:50 now, which is a good dynamic. I think it’s nicer now, as a workplace it feels more diverse. I don’t think the business actively decided to be mostly women, but as a women-led workplace, it just attracted more women to the available roles, and it’s kind of self-perpetuating.

“Interestingly, most of our clients on the events side tend to be women as well and I think it’s been a strength for the business that we we’re mostly female. I think the women we work with like the fact that we’re a women owned business, and appreciate that by working with us they’re supporting women in the industry.”



Chris Anstead, Senior Technical Expo Manager

“I started at OrangeDoor in 2012 and for a long time I was the only male member of staff in the business. My previous role had been extremely male dominated and arriving at OrangeDoor I was struck by how different the dynamic was. There was a lot more empathy towards clients and in the way we work with people. It was a bit of an eye opener. There is still the empathy at the core and I think the business being so women-led influenced means the core values of the business still impact the way we work today.

“Years ago OrangeDoor really stood out as a woman-owned business in the industry. It’s less of a differentiating factor now , but it’s always been a strength for the business, and it’s a key part of our identity.

“We do see areas where there’s less of a gender balance. At large scale exhibitions and events the build side is incredibly male dominated, but we recently did an event in Amsterdam, and compared to the UK there are a lot more female builders out there, so hopefully the UK catches up- I think more could be done to encourage women into that side of the industry.”