What’s happening:

At OrangeDoor we are proud of our culture. Being an integrated agency is not just a marketing tagline –we take it seriously. We work and play as an integrated team and use our play moments to become a tighter knit community. You’ll find our teams bonding in yoga poses, in bowling alleys, and company-wide potluck lunches, or you’ll see us in fierce competition over a Wednesday evening pub quiz.

This week, the team took to the bowling lanes and reflected on the social program and how it contributes to the culture of OrangeDoor.


What we think:


Josie Temple, Facilities Manager

“Our social calendar at OrangeDoor is about creating and maintaining our community spirit and encouraging fun and cohesion between teams. We do things during and outside office hours in order to make sure activities are not just outside work hours, but are also supported by the business. The aim of the team activities is to keep the whole team together and to keep the essence of OrangeDoor alive and well.

“The internal events often revolve around food – always an excellent way to unite a team. Sharing a meal is what you do with your non-work friends and family so we work to recreate that with our work family.

“We’ve recently formalised our social program to focus on team building and wellness, which includes everything from bowling and escape rooms all the way to yoga and lunchtime walking groups.”


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Lee Russell, Technical Expo Coordinator

“I think the culture of OrangeDoor is amazing. We are a very team-orientated fun loving bunch of people. In the office we have a range of ages which adds to our diversity of experiences and points of view. We are very easy going, very easy to get on with, and everyone is there to help, you never need to feel afraid to put your hand up and ask for help.

“At the end of the day it’s the people that make the culture of OrangeDoor special and it’s the opportunities we have to bond and have time cultivating friendships that make our in office work so amazing.

“There’s something great about Monday morning chats round the coffee machine, and Friday afternoon drinks, wherever you are in the week there’s always something going on and something to look forward to.”