It’s Friday evening 3rd August at 9pm and I’m sitting in my new office, looking out on our ‘open up amazing’ neon sign shining in our new reception area. Today, we’ve just opened up our brand new, amazing OrangeDoor offices here in Bromley. It’s been an incredible party for most of the afternoon followed by a BBQ for the team. We’ve packed up, everyone’s gone and I’m sitting here thinking about today and the nearly 20 years of hard work (and lots of fun) that has got us all to this point.

Today’s OrangeDoor office opening celebration saw an incredible range to people come through the door - from my very first client who saw me in all the grandeur of my old desk in a back bedroom of our house at the time, to our very latest hire – the awesome Joe O’Connell, our new Director of Events, to the Mayor, clients, suppliers, friends and family and of course the OrangeDoor team – the people who are the heart of this great integrated events and marketing agency.

This new office and this year both represent a milestone for OrangeDoor. We’re nearly 20 years old and this bright, new brilliant office is like a coming of age and marks us as ready to take on the world. The size of it; the creativity that abounds it and most importantly the people who reside in it day after day, and who consistently deliver ‘amazing’ all says to the industry and to our clients – we are proud, ready and powerful and quite simply, I love it.

It is what I have always wanted for the business: an inspiring creative space populated by creative and passionate people. And now we have it! But that’s not the end, not the pinnacle of our success. It’s the beginning of everything we need to start the next chapter of OrangeDoor. This new office is the next step in a concerted strategic effort to drive the agency right into the top tier of the UK events industry over the next couple of years.

And, perhaps for the first time ever I feel we’ve got everything in place to do this. We’ve always had incredible people. The calibre of our clients and their unerring faith in us is testament to this. But now we have everything else to wrap around and support these people. Someone said to me about 18 months’ ago that “the really amazing thing about OrangeDoor is that the people are actually bigger than the brand. What goes on in this place is incredible but more people out there need to know about it!”

Well, now we do have it all and can tell everyone. A great brand, full of amazing people with true professionalism and a phenomenal creative space work in.

Oh, and we still have our old OrangeDoor! We took it off the old building and hung it on our new wall. Why? Because to paraphrase the old saying – ‘you need to know where you’ve come from to know where you’re going.’

I know where we’re going now and it’s ‘straight on up’.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth, a very proud MD.