As a growing agency, OrangeDoor is always on the lookout for fresh, talented designers and creatives to join the team.  This year we had the pleasure of attending the D&AD New Blood Private View to be inspired by the fresh new talent entering the industry this year.


What is the D&AD and why does it host the New Blood Festival?

Formerly known as British Design & Art Direction, D&AD is a non-profit advertising and design association.  Hosting a range of Awards ceremonies that are recognised around the world, they are focused on ways to push forward and grow the creative industries.  The now internationally-respected New Bloods Festival is one way it achieves this - offering students and young creatives an opportunity to design a response to a variety of real-world client briefs.  All those who enter have a chance of winning one of five prestigious ‘Pencil’ awards, and raising their own profile at the D&AD New Bloods Festival; which is attended by hundreds of design, advertising and marketing agencies.

The Plymouth University stand always delivers!

The Plymouth University stand always delivers!

New Blood Festival

Hosted at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, this event never fails to amaze. Having been to the previous few events, this year’s talent really pushed the creative boundaries in their work.  Alongside self-initiated projects, most stands were showcasing work that answered the D&AD New Blood briefs, and it's incredibly interesting to see how differently each brief can be interpreted and pushed to the limit.

There was a vast variety of skills on show across the board, which is a real positive for the future of the industry. At OrangeDoor we are always on the lookout for new team members that have the right blend of ideas, personality and the skillset. For us, seeing some of the amazing 3D renders, VR design, branding and illustration was awesome. They have laid the groundwork for a very exciting future.   

A couple of projects that stood out to us were responses to Bacardi and giffgaff. Save the Date was the solution from Miami Ad School Madrid for the Bacardi brief. Their music led social activation provides a fresh take on the festival scene through the use of iTunes downloads to “save” for a ticket. At a time when festival ticket prices are high and reseller sites are rife, this provides a compelling solution that serves to enrich the festival experience for true music lovers.

#giffconsent comes from Edinburgh Napier University. The giffgaff brief was to “Help giffgaff give back with a real world or digital brand experience to encapsulate the spirit of ‘mutual giving’.” With the ubiquity of social media and smart phone usage we have become more connected than ever and with the rise of selfie culture, unsolicited self-portraits of more personal parts are sent to a staggering 60% of millennial women. Enter the ‘Cockblock App’ – a tongue in cheek, back-end solution to the dick pic epidemic, exclusive to giffgaff members. This allows recipients the opportunity to censor any unwanted content and reply with a savage response all while raising awareness of mutual consent.

We couldn’t talk about this year’s New Blood Festival winners without mentioning the project that won this year’s coveted Black Pencil - #DearMrHousingMinister by Naomi Taylor of School of Communication Arts 2.0. This project shines a huge spotlight on the effects of regeneration on social housing, placing Nationwide and Shelter at the heart of the conversation. It is in turn a harrowing and provocative campaign that captures the zeitgeist with aplomb.

What’s great about attending an event like this, is that you can speak face to face and maintain a connection with the next generation of creatives. The interpersonal communication (albeit with a dash of nerves) serves to give a deeper insight to them as people, which is far more valuable than anything that can be ascertained on a CV or website. When you're just starting out a conversation or presentation on your work with potential employers from agencies can be daunting, so seeing young creatives talk with such passion and confidence was really exciting and encouraging. Couple that with compelling work and you have the New Blood Festival - now an annual date marked in the OrangeDoor Creative Team’s calendar.


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Pencils - How do they work?

The entries for the D&AD Awards are judged across five Pencil Award categories. Students don’t enter into any specific category, the judging panel for each brief decides where your work aligns within the Pencil grade. This creates incredible suspense, as students may know they've won a 'Pencil', but wouldn’t know which until the official Award ceremony.


Black Pencil – ‘Reserved for work that is truly ground-breaking in its field. Only a handful of Black Pencils are awarded each year (if any).’


Graphite Pencil – ‘Stand-out work, beautifully executed with an original and inspiring idea at its core.’


Yellow Pencil – ‘The iconic D&AD Yellow Pencil, awarded only to the most outstanding work that achieves true creative excellence.’


Wood Pencil – ‘The best in advertising and design from the year, worthy of a place in the D&AD Annual.’


White Pencil – 'For work that does well by doing good and has the power to promote positive change.'