Every year, we witness a range of new trends, technologies and themes that influence the events we plan on behalf of clients and the venues we seek out for them. In this blog, we discuss a few that we believe will have a real impact on the events industry through the course of 2018. 


Wellness and well-being

‘Wellness and well-being’ is central to event planning in 2018. We’re more health-conscious than ever before and the balance between work and wellness is emerging as a key requirement from clients when considering venues and locations. Part of this trend is a focus on increasing the quality of the well-being experiences on offer in order to add value to the event and also help improve productivity of attendees – rested, relaxed and happy attendees are productive attendees!  So, why not add in a sunrise yoga class on the beach accompanied by fresh smoothie shots, or offer a private spin session to kick-start the day?


You are what you eat

‘Veganuary’ – becoming a vegan for the month of January grew in momentum this year, demonstrating that ‘what’s on the menu’ will once again play a significant impact on the event industry’s choice of venues and destinations in, with venues increasingly likely to be shortlisted based on their approach to food. Healthy options, including vegan and vegetarian alternatives will be key, with foods that encourage the slow-release of energy will contributing to delegate productivity and therefore, the overall experience.


 ‘Vanilla’ venues not very appealing

There’s nothing wrong with vanilla, but it’s time to try something new and really different. As the lines blur between work and play, and creativity is often key when finding the latest ‘hot spot’ – that exciting, dynamic or quirky venue.  So, why not choose a hotel focused on music or an international ice-breaker for your audience? Host a cocktail reception area that resembles a kitchen, or maybe have a discussion on innovation around a ping-pong table?!  This year is about pushing the boundaries with your venue direction. Why not be adventurous and go with a ‘wild-card’ to try and boost your guest attendance? OrangeDoor regularly attends a wide range of industry events to ensure we have the latest knowledge to help move events from ‘vanilla to vibrant’. Our advice for 2018?  Be bold, be brave and try something new. Your attendees will thank you for it.



The requirement for intimate and tailor-designed events is another major trend for 2018, reinforcing the need for venues to offer a ‘VIP experience’. The rapid integration of advanced technologies into all aspects of life is (somewhat paradoxically) assisting in helping agencies and their clients to bring a more bespoke, personalised touch to events, ensuring attendees to feel more engaged, valued and part of the event itself rather than just a passive attendee.  Some hotels are even producing items such as personalised bath products printed with the attendees’ names and offering text-based concierge services, with the use of private members’ clubs also soaring.


Breakout of the meeting room

Gone are the days when event organisers could ‘get away’ with just using the standard hotel breakout rooms. This year, venues are working hard to refresh their usual meeting spaces to provide events with something new as breakout space as requirements continue to evolve and delegates really want to ‘breakout’ of the traditional event set up and feel of the location they’re in. For instance, sunnier climates will continue to be chosen because of the opportunity for outdoor breakout areas. If you’re thinking about your next event and need something different with great spaces to breakout into, why not consider a beautiful private terrace overlooking the Atlas Mountains in Marrakech for example, or charter a luxury cruise ship on the French Rivera for group meetings.  Breakout of the four walls and revolutionise your attendee experience!



Finally, sustainability continues to work its way up the priority list for many brands, venues and in 2018.  Clients are increasingly likely to consider a venue or destination’s environmental contribution when shortlisting venues and destinations and venues and destinations in turn are investing more in their contribution to sustainability and their ‘green footprint’ in 2018. Some hotels are implementing ‘0 km’ importation policies, where only local produce is used from the surrounding areas and others are using green-only energy suppliers.  One hotel we know of is also producing its own supply of honey onsite, so your delegates will get a real buzz at this hotel! (Sorry, it had to be done).

What do these factors all have in common? They are all great ways to add value, engagement and excitement to your events, conferences and meeting, to ensure you get the most out of them. All of these trends will be at the forefront of our recommendations this year, as we work with our clients to help them extract maximum return on investment from each of their events. If you want to discuss how OrangeDoor can open up amazing for your next event, get in touch at: hello@weareorangedoor.com