Zea Tongeman joined OrangeDoor from June to September as an intern to support our events team. Below, she recounts her experience in the summer of 2018, offering an insight into what it’s like to work behind the OrangeDoor.

My experience at OrangeDoor was a whirlwind of emotions to say the least. To try to describe it in just one word would be impossible. So instead, I have decided to write this blog, not as a statement of personal achievement but as a ‘note to self’ on what I have learnt and taken away from my experience.

Before starting at OrangeDoor, I had very limited knowledge of what the events industry consisted of, other than knowing you need a venue, a budget and a plan! And, although this is a somewhat correct summary of events, the longer I worked here, the more I uncovered the many elements that have to be carefully considered and organised to produce a seamless event. There are ‘events’ and then there are amazing events, creatively devised and professionally delivered.

There was one particular project that gave me a real sense of achievement - putting together a venue proposal for a four-day summit in Europe for 340 people. After being given the client brief and interpreting it to understand what type of venue would be suitable for the event, I began to pull together a short list, cross checking facilities and budgets with the specifications of the brief. Once we had chosen the most appropriate venues it was a matter of creating a detailed and comprehensive proposal for the client in an ‘amazing’ way, and that is exactly what it felt like, AMAZING. I really felt like I had accomplished something and receiving good feedback from the client was the icing on the cake.

This all led to me getting a really good understanding of the events industry, as well as learning to juggle multiple tasks and manage it all on complex spread sheets. Some of the commercial and personal skills I learnt were:

  • Creating and supporting budget management

  • Understand procedures (SOW’s PO’s) and processes involved in running an event

  • Helping with delegate management and ad-hoc meetings arrangements

  • Planning food and beverage requirements

The OrangeDoor team is full of some of the most focused and determined people I have met. There is a real sense of community both with the work they are doing and how they interact with each other. Challenges are overcome together, and successes are celebrated as a team.

I had never worked in an office before and wasn’t sure what to expect but OrangeDoor was full of life as soon as I stepped in. It’s a great open plan environment with lots of informal meeting spaces that made it really easy to work together. There were also smart meeting spaces for more focused meetings or for when clients came in.

I have learnt a huge amount in a short space of time and grown in confidence more than I could have ever envisioned. I’ve worked through two OrangeDoor note pads and an unspeakable amount sticky notes! Now my time here at OrangeDoor has come to a close. It really was amazing!

Thanks and until next time.