At a Glance

OrangeDoor delivered an event for business leaders during the WEF in Davos

Limited venue access meant a set up starting at 01:00am and finishing at 06:00am

“OrangeDoor’s management of the whole event was truly seamless.”


As one of the leading providers of SaaS for clinical medical trials, Medidata wanted to establish their presence at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Bringing together some of the pharmaceutical industry’s leading minds for a panel on ‘ Defusing An Ageing Population Time Bomb’, Medidata needed an event delivered during one of the highest profile conferences of the year.


How We Made It Amazing

Davos has a population of around 10,000. During the WEF, the town hosts more than 30,000 people. Every venue, hotel, bar and even parking space is booked months in advance, providing significant logistical challenges to running the event.

Taking over a large conference room in the Ameron, the team were faced with extremely limited access to the venue, with a set up beginning at 01:00am to prepare for guests arriving from 07:00am.

Coordinating the build crew, AV team, venue, hostesses and VIP panellists, OrangeDoor worked through the night to create a stunning event that embodied Medidata’s industry leading reputation.



OrangeDoor’s management of the whole event – from the incredibly challenging logistics to the communications with invitees and all the branding at the event itself - was truly seamless. It takes a special kind of agency to deliver an event of this calibre and I’m so pleased I put my trust and our event in the hands of OrangeDoor.
— Corporate Communications Director, EMEA, Medidata Solutions