At a Glance

Start-up VR Freeroam company Infinite Base came to OrangeDoor to give creative meat and support to their newly minted brand

We delivered a salient brand image, website, and logo targeted at millennials based on the incorporation of futuristic elements with simplistic type.

Founder, Andy Dekany commented “OrangeDoor are bright, imaginative, and produce spot on results”


Infinite Base is a VR Freeroam start up, looking to bring unique VR experiences to London. With an ambitious business plan, they came to OrangeDoor looking for a visually impactful brand identity that would help them launch their business. The initial requirements consisted of:

  • Brand Identity

  • Website

  • Fully designed proposal for potential Landlords

  • Visual template for a business plan


Our Approach

The design process began with a collaborative session, where OrangeDoor worked to fully understand Infinite Base’s requirements, as well as their demographic and expected outcomes from the project. OrangeDoor fed back an initial document of sketches and ideas, allowing Infinite Base to provide feedback and drive the design in a direction they loved from a very early stage.

Our creative team followed up with 3 iterations of the propsed design, with minor changes to the wordmark or logomark each time. The final product was a design that fully imbued the personality of Infinite Base.

The website design followed a similar process, with an initial design being amended and approved before development took place.


How We Made It Amazing

OrangeDoor designed a logo that would speak to their specific demographic of millennials. Using an impactful and contemporary logomark, it conveys a sense of perspective and dynamism while presenting the brand’s IB initials. It’s futuristic, sporty and just a little bit nostalgic, and calls out to the millennial market. We ran the logo and wordmark in Pantone 18-3838 Ultraviolet - the pantone colour of 2018 - establishing the year the company was founded while also giving a sense of royalty, value and bravery.

For the wordmark, we chose a clean and ultramodern typeface set in block capitals as well as two body copy typefaces to compliment the logo.

The website and business documents followed the new brand, using the new elements and guidelines to create a pack of resources that provided a fully developed brand to represent and drive Infinite Base’s ambitions as a business.

1 copy.jpg
Team performance, enthusiasm and resulting logo design is great. You did exactly what we needed. OrangeDoor are bright, imaginative, and produce spot on results - a great match for our company …. we confidently expect this to be the start of a long relationship
— Andy Dekany, Founder of Infinite Base