Client: Dell Cloud Client Computing

Project Type: Event Series

Lead Team: Marketing



Promote Dell CCC’s new flagship product through an event series across key regions in Europe.

  • Develop a deployable event format that could be set up and hosted by local teams.

  • Create a campaign identity and align across all digital and physical assets

  • Support the launch of the product and event series

  • Manage the logistical delivery of the event series


Our Approach

We designed and produced an Event in a Box that housed everything required for local teams to set up a consistent event at partner offices, including branding, giveaways, demo products and more.

Five event kits were created to deliver multiple events per quarter and allow the kits to be returned, checked and topped up between events. These were managed centrally, with one kit kept in the UK, and four in Europe, to minimise shipping costs, and reduce environmental footprint.

This was supported by digital content including html email templates, video, PowerPoint templates, and infographics. Video was filmed at Dell’s offices, with the EMEA General Manager of CCC at Dell EMC, on a greenscreen and then keyed onto a branded backdrop.



The event kits have deployed across the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium with approximately 500 sales people getting hands on with the new product.