We Do Design

Hopefully you’ve watched our stellar video and you’re well impressed with all the amazing things we do. However, if you feel like that’s too much effort, or believe moving images to be witchcraft, we’ve put a bit more information about what we do below.

We’re an in-house design studio, working on everything from branding businesses and designing expo stands, to developing creative concepts for marketing campaigns and bringing events to life. Our team has expertise in graphic design, video, animation, photography – basically if you want something to look good, we’ve got you.

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Helena Castle,
Creative Services Manager

Who keeps a team of highly caffeinated creatives under control? This gal. Helena has spent 7 years at OrangeDoor running projects and managing our creative studio, budgets and people, and taking a strategic, big picture view to ensure everything is perfectly tailored to our clients’ needs. Hobbies include video games, horror movies and taking time off work at the moment to grow a tiny human in her belly.


Edward Stone,
Creative Lead

Not only does Ed have the best hair in the agency, he brings unbridled creativity and vision to every project, taking the lead on branding projects and acting as guardian of OrangeDoor’s own brand. A keen designer, illustrator and photographer, Ed is fascinated by the way brands interact with their audiences, influence culture and impact the world. He’s also big enough to fight a bear, so that’s reassuring.


Chris Howland,
Account Director

Introducing the world’s most fragile man! While he breaks himself on a regular basis, what he lacks in bone density he makes up for in his ability to coordinate projects of any size, making sure all the moving parts work together and keeping our clients updated and informed at every stage of the process. He might just be the best darn account manager in all of Londontown.


Dan Carter,
Creative Designer

When he’s not delivering graphic design projects, Dan is bringing expo stands to life. Using everything from Illustrator and InDesign to Cinema 4D, he’s the guy putting levels of detail and complexity into his work that mean we have to leave projects rendering overnight. Great for our clients’, terrible for our electricity bill.


Stuart France,
Video & Motion Designer

Stu is our resident ‘video-guy’, having cut his teeth in the industry on Star Wars trailers, Stu came to OrangeDoor and helps us deliver everything from event videos, to adverts, full animation and regularly gets shipped around the world with his camera. He can edit a video faster than you can edit a video, and he gets a little too excited when we let him buy a new tripod.


Alex Dibb,
Account Manager

With a background in copywriting, Alex supports the creative team by translating their incredible creative concepts into actual words. Supporting Chris with account management, he often handles all the non-design aspects of design focused projects. He’s also fully addicted to Red Bull, so get your projects in sooner rather than later, before the inevitable heart attack.

Got a creative brief? Heck, got a business problem that might need a creative solution?? Pop us an email and let’s solve it together: