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· Dell Technologies’ first, and largest, EMEA industry show of 2019

· OrangeDoor designed and built (most of) a 40ft dinosaur skeleton

· Worked in close collaboration with the Natural History Museum



After three successful years delivering Dell’s stand at Bett, OrangeDoor were asked to deliver a design for 2019 that, taking into account the education audience, was more creative and experiential, positioning Dell as a major talking point at the show. Bett is Dell Technologies’ first industry show of the year, and with 35k attendees and prospects coming from Finland, Argentina and the US, Dell wanted to impress.

Our Approach

Exploring Dell Technologies’ relationship with the Natural History Museum and their sponsorship of ‘Dippy on Tour’, not only did OrangeDoor design and build a stand that featured an almost-lifesize recreation of the Diplodocus skeleton, but also secured the NHM’s replica of Dippy’s skull, to be displayed on stand.

Stand assets were developed in line with the prehistoric theme, with product plinths and tables taking on a ‘stone-like’ texture and Dippy’s head and tail sticking out of an oversized wooden transportation box. All messaging was highlighted on attention grabbing 4m height lightboxes that really drew visitors’ eyes as they walked around the show floor.

The stand was built over 3 months, and constructed on site in 4 days before opening to the public where the reception was amazing, with social showing the stand as one of the most Instagrammable moments at the event.


The Results

On behalf of Dell Technologies I wanted to thank you so much for all the amazing support received in the planning and execution of Bett 2019. We made something ordinary into something really extraordinary!

“Thanks for enabling my vision, supporting all my requirements and accommodating all the last minute requests.

“What a great example of teamwork!”
— EMEA Events Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies

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