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At a Glance

Rebranding Events series for Dell’s OEM and loT events.

Incorporated multiple technologies into the communications strategy and created a series of nine event apps that provided attendees with detailed and personal key information for the different events.

All of the A.C.T events were well attended and received a plethora of positive feedback



Dell EMC wanted to rebrand a series of their OEM and IoT events, formerly known as Customer Advisory Council (CAC) events. The aim of these events was to deliver the account managers quality face-to-face time with key clients and update these clients on Dell EMC’s latest OEM and IoT technologies that could help transform their customers’ businesses. 

OrangeDoor was commissioned to rebrand the events, and then roll them out across nine locations across Europe in 2017/18. 


How We Made It Amazing

The previous name of the event focused on what the events were, whereas the new focus for the events was what customers would get out of the experience. OrangeDoor renamed the events ‘Aspire, Collaborate, Transform’ or ‘A.C.T.’, and filtered this theme through every aspect of the events, even into the agenda itself, splitting it into three distinct sections with goals relevant to each of the three pillars that defined the theme. 

We developed a ‘Hero’ icon that represented transformation - in line with Dell EMC’s core transformation messaging and developed a communications strategy around the theme to engage invitees, and throughout the events themselves, with venue branding and introduction videos tailored to each location.

To encourage even more interest in the event we integrated multiple technologies into the communications strategy from a dedicated event registration site for each location, to a series of nine event apps that provided attendees with their personal agendas, as well as maps of the venue and other key information on speakers and attendees.


The Results 

All events have received positive feedback from attendees and the local Dell EMC teams. One event in particular, located in a remote region of Norway, was so popular the venue had to be expanded and additional meeting rooms added to accommodate the numbers. The events have been attended by some of Dell EMC’s largest OEM and IoT customers in Europe and the value of the leads secured has exceeded expectations.